Isn’t it ridiculously expensive to make your own cosmetic line?
NO! We believe that it should be affordable for everyone to make healthy and beautiful cosmetics. Rebel-Nature provides the full spectrum of product development services, from the inception phase to launching the final product onto the market. This whole process is offered at a reasonable price.



What does a custom made cosmetics line mean?
It means that you can create the product you always wanted, or products you always wanted! Together we can turn your idea into a professional product (or a product just for you) and collaborate in how your product can be used in the best way possible (like in a stick, jar, tube, mascara roll etc.), which ingredients are the best to use and how you can give your product the ultimate look and feel.



I’ve got no idea how to start, but I do want a completely ready to go market product. Am I at the right place?
YES! We can offer you a complete package, from producing the product itself to the presentation of your product (line) and even a complete online marketing campaign. So we do not only create your product, but we are also able to design your product identity and packaging and promote it to the market. Rebel-Nature works very closely with a designing and branding team that work literally all over the world (check out their website). Contact us and become part of the family!


For any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!