Thomas, our founder, spent years as an organic chemist synthesizing molecules in labs, in an attempt to recreate what was occurring in nature. It quickly became apparent to him that the natural world has figured it all out. If we can harness naturally-occurring ingredients in a positive manner, we can develop healthy, effective personal care products that support people in their daily lives.

Each of the brands we manufacture for have their own unique formulations. Although it’s common for there to be overlap in ingredients used, there’s no base formula that we work with that is sold to different brands.

We’re actively working to increase the amount of post-consumer recycled packaging we use. We encourage our partners to work with refillable products and have partnered with This is Circular to set up a washing facility that will help minimise packaging waste.
Our commitments to packaging are simple:
- No non-recyclables
- No multi-layer plastics
- Limited secondary packaging
- No single-use products

This varies a lot depending on the type of product. Product development typically takes anywhere between 6-12 months, after which 2 months are required for stability testing. The clearer you are on what you are looking for, the better equipped we are to develop a satisfactory product.

NO! We believe that it should be affordable for everyone to make healthy and beautiful cosmetics. Rebel-Nature provides the full spectrum of product development services, from the inception phase to launching the final product onto the market. This whole process is of fered at a reasonable price.

Our MOQs tend to be 500 pieces, although this depends on the type of product. For products with volumes less then 15ml, our MOQs are higher.